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The unique nature of agriculture in the Inland Northwest deserves unique products to feed and protect the valuable crops grown here.  These McGregor products have been specifically formulated for our customers. 




A foliar topdress blend of urea, potassium, magnesium, and chloride for specific nutrient requirements of crops in the Inland NW.

KickStarter Corn

An all-in-one liquid starter fertilizer formulated with M-Struct for use on corn.


A complete liquid starter fertilize formulated with M-Struct to improve phosphorous-use efficiency for establishing stands.

KickStarter PULSE

A liquid starter fertilizer formulated with M-Struct, low salt, and chloride free for pulse crops.


This unique formulation protects nitrogen and phosphorus from tying-up in low pH or high pH soils, improving nutrient use efficiency from fertilizer and soil sources.

RyzUp SmartGrass

A plant growth regulator that stimulates stronger, early-season leaf and stem development.

M-Power 12

M-Power 16

M-Power Micro Pak 

M-Prove PNW (5-18-3)

A foliar micronutrient material designed to meet the needs of growing crops during periods of maximum nutrient demand.

ProLong N Stabilizer

A nitrogen stabilizer for use with 32% UAN or 20% Liquid Urea; contains 2 MOA's in one product; promotes more available nitrogen for your crops, and more bushels in the bin.

N-Serve N Stabilizer

A nitrogen stabilizer for use with anhydrous ammonia NH3; maximizes nitrogen availability in the root zone by inhibiting nitrification.

Maxin Boron

Foliar applied boron source that also improves humectancy to aid in plant absorption and improve crop production.





20-0-0 Liquid Urea



AMS Premium Blend Max

A water soluble blend of ammonium sulfate (for water conditioning), nonionic surfactant, deposition aid, and antifoaming agent.

Conform DP

A tank mix adjuvant formulated to provide optimal pesticide spray performance by enhancing deposition of the spray application.

Crop Oil M

A high performance surfactant/oil blend designed for use with certain herbicides, fungicides, and desiccants to enhance pesticide performance.


A surfactant, drift reduction agent, deposition aid, activator, and acidifier.


A water conditioner and pH modifying adjuvant specifically used as a tank mix additive for glyphosate and other pesticides that are susceptible to antagonism from hard water minerals.

M-90 Advanced Formula

A nonionic surfactant formulated for increasing the efficacy of various agricultural and horticultural spray applications.

Spectra pH

A blend of nonionic and anionic surfactant and buffering ingredients specifically designed for use with insecticides that are applied by aerial or ground application.

Spray Guard

Contains water conditioning properties and a homogenized deposition agent designed to improve the precision of spray applications and reduce off-target drift. Suitable for use on both conventional and transgenic crop varieties.


A highly effective surfactant designed for use with fungicides that need a wetting and spreading agent and acts as a desiccant upon contact with fungal spores.


TMC Seed Start Zinc

A micronized zinc seed treatment product for faster emergence, powerful roots, and stronger stands.

TMC Seed Start Root2

A micronized nutrient formulation for use with seed treatments, specifically designed for high pH environments.


A non-pesticide additive for use with seed treatments that reduces dust-off and improves flowability.


A multi-purpose cleaner and stain fighter; effective for cleaning surface stains on application areas and equipment from seed treatment colorants and grime.


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