StorM Technology

StorM Technology

Found in Conform and Downrigger, exclusively at The McGregor Company.


StorM Technology is improved adjuvant chemistry with next generation efficiency driven by molecular packing.



(Click the below images to watch how StorM Technology maximizes spray effectiveness by improving deposition and coverage on the intended targets, driving active ingredients deeper into the plant canopy.)

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  • Innovative new adjuvant technology that captures the activity of both a non-ionic surfactant (NIS) and oil-based adjuvant to improve performance of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.


  • Adjuvants containing StorM Technology provide dual-action delivery of the active ingredient through dense molecular packing and smaller surface area to penetrate and translocate
     faster and more efficiently


  • Unlike traditional adjuvants, which are a blend of surfactants and oils, StorM Technology is a single integrated unit with elements that are molecularly bound together.


  • StorM Technology is plant-derived with water attracting tendencies to encourage the plant to readily accept the pesticide as a friendly ingredient without deploying any defense mechanisms.


Molecular packing and structure provides optimal surfactant sizing to enhance pesticide activity on the leaf and in the plant.

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