Safe Storage

Mother Nature can be tricky to work with when planning our in-field activities and once we hit the off-season it is tempting to stop micro-analyzing the weather forecasts. But wait! Let’s make sure the products you have in storage can withstand a winter’s chill! Click here to download our Tip Sheet on Liquid Fertilizer Salt-out Temperatures.

Common Fertilizer Salt Out Temps

For crop protection products you need to store short term or over-winter, take a few minutes to see how to store them appropriately. Whether in totes, jugs, bags or tubs, sealed cases or partials - each have a safe range for temperature fluctuations. Read the “Storage & Disposal” section found on every product label. Mark down any storage restrictions on a white board in the shop or print this handy tracking sheet to post. This extra step as you wrap up a season can protect that investment and ensure product viability when you next need it.