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McGregor Custom Application gives you more time during planting season.

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Updates & News


Pendleton Grain Growers

McGregor Seed and Pendleton Grain Growers are joining forces.  PGG Seed's long history of providing quality cereal, pulse and specialty seeds to growers across Oregon combined with The McGregor Company's history in the seed business stretching back over 25 years will further buoy the standard for quality seed across the Pacific Northwest.

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Finish What You Start 3

Take Back Your Yield...From Flag to Finish

Finish what you start.  Plant health fungicides + foliar nutrition at flag leaf timing EXTEND photosynthesis and GRAIN FILL.

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Weed Barriers9

Introducing StorM Technology

StorM Technology is improved adjuvant chemistry with next generation efficiency driven by molecular packing - found in Conform and Downrigger, exclusively at The McGregor Company.

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Our Company

The McGregor Company serves growers in Washington, Idaho and Oregon with the seed, crop inputs, equipment, research and advice needed to raise healthy, sustainable crops. Our customers throughout the Inland Northwest benefit from 135 years of McGregor expertise and consumers worldwide rely on the crops harvested by these dedicated growers.

Our company consists of dedicated people who care about farm families, the environment, and the communities we serve. Generations of agronomy experience, fertilizer and herbicide innovation, specialized equipment development and manufacturing, and high-quality seed have combined to make The McGregor Company is the premier independent fertilizer, agri-chemical and ag equipment dealer in the Pacific Northwest. With retail offices in more than 35 communities, McGregor’s roots run deep to assist the outstanding farmers of the region.


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