Wheat Yields: Raising the Bar

Wheat Yields: Raising the Bar

The National Wheat Action Plan was established 2 years ago with the goal of driving higher and higher production in the wheat crop. The yields seen in the Inland Northwest are raising the bar!

See McGregor's involvement in pushing the production envelope for the National Wheat Yield Contest

Research Director, Cat Salois, has a process for raising the bar on wheat yields:

"McGregor's has been known for having the premier retail research program in the Inland Northwest with over 70 years of historical research. The objective with our small plot research (that is really what I call our playground) is if we have 'in theory' ideas that we think might work, this is where we can really proof out those ideas. If we have 50 thoughts that come in at the top, hopefully we have 10 good ideas come out the bottom. Then, we start looking at wider scale and bigger plots as those ideas prove themselves out year over year.

With the High Yield Contest we were able to take some of the ideas and concepts that were proving well in wide acre small plot research and take those to a whole farm scale. In a particular case, the grower was John Dixon who has been a McGregor customer for quite some time. On a 50 acre plot in Whitman County Washington, we hit 173.5 bushels/acre on our first attempt!

We have history going back 70 years of applied agricultural research and we really serve that function as liaison between basic research that is coming out of our public research institutions and making them farm-gate acceptable. It's on a national scale but we do have great opportunity in the Inland Northwest to really be at the forefront of increasing overall production in the wheat crop."

 For details on this, and other field tests, please contact The McGregor Company Research Division in Colfax WA - Cat Salois, Director of Research (509) 397-4355





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