Take Back Your Yield...From Flag to Finish

Take Back Your Yield...From Flag to Finish

Plant health fungicides + foliar nutrition at flag leaf timing EXTEND photosynthesis and GRAIN FILL.




Solar Panal


(as featured in Capital Press)

COLFAX, Wa. – Recent research points toward unrealized grains per head and low grain weight as the greatest potential yield loss among wheat crops in the Pacific Northwest. The health and viability of the flag leaf is the conduit to extending the grain fill period and increasing weight per grain. “The ‘stay green’, or longevity, of the flag leaf contributes more to yield than any other photosynthetic trait associated with wheat by prolonging the length of time focused on grain filling,” explains Cat Salois, Director of Research and Technology for The McGregor Company. “On average, in the Pacific Northwest, 4 bushels per day are lost for each day grain fill is cut short.”...CLICK to READ the full article 


Flag Leaf Applications in Drought Conditions

Drought conditions plus high heat means nutrient use-efficiency plummets. Cat Salois talks about the strategies that are most notable this season and how to get the most out of pollination and grain fill with very little moisture. #FlagToFinish #Rally #KickStarter



Heat Stress Reduction

Plant health fungicides + foliar nutrition reduce heat stress and lead to increased grain weight and YIELD.




Critical Growth Phases for Yield

Demonstrating the importance of grain fill timing through research AND real world examples.




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