2023 Winter Grower Meetings

2023 Winter Grower Meetings

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Join us for coffee, agronomic discussions, & lunch (RSVP Required). Scroll down for more information including credit information, schedule, how to register, and frequently asked questions.


Jan. 26: Richland, WA

Jan. 27: Walla Walla, WA

Feb. 1: Ellensburg, WA

Feb. 2: Quincy, WA

Feb. 3: Colfax, WA

Feb. 9: Colfax, WA

Feb. 10: VIRTUAL MEETING I Zoom Webinar

Feb. 13: Airway Heights, WA

Feb. 16: Colfax, WA

Feb. 17: Lewiston, ID


How do I participate?

Invitations will be sent out via physical mailing, email, and text message. If you don't receive an invite and would like to join, please call your local McGregor retail branch or email to request your invitation. RSVP required.

Do I need to pre-register?

Yes! We will gather your state pesticide license information for credits through the pre-registration process. 

Space will be limited. We ask that you please attend only on the date and time you select with this RSVP. If you are no longer able to attend on the date and time you have selected, please alert

How do I get credits for the virtual meetings?

Each meeting will qualify for 2-3 state pesticide and CCA credits. At the conclusion of the meeting, we will use the list of participants that were engaged for the entire meeting. We will then submit that list back to the state with the information provided during the preregistration process (First Name, Last Name, City, State, Daytime Phone, Pesticide License No., CCA License No.). NOTE: Only the registrants that are logged in and viewing the meeting will receive credits. (see What if there will be multiple people watching from one screen?)

What if I have a pesticide license in more than one state?

No problem! You will be able to include your pesticide license numbers for Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana all through the preregistration process.

What if there will be multiple people watching the virtual meeting from one screen?

If you have others from your farm operation viewing around one screen please submit the below information FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS to within 48 hours of the meeting conclusion. 

  • PHOTO OF ENTIRE GROUP WATCHING (with meeting screen included)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • City
  • State
  • Daytime Phone No.
  • WA State Pesticide License No. (if applicable)
  • ID State Pesticide License No. (if applicable)
  • OR State Pesticide License No. (if applicable)
  • MT State Pesticide License No. (if applicable)
  • CCA License No. (if applicable)

Need help with Zoom? These links will help!