Whole Grains Are is This Update!

Whole Grains Are is This Update!

NAWG Intern Lainey Wolf couldn't have said it any better:

"...Americans are lucky enough to have the best quality wheat in the world right at their fingertips. Many other countries across the globe import American wheat, because it is known for its excellent nutritional components, such as higher protein content. Even some of the world’s best croissants and pizzas use wheat grown by American farmers."

Whole grains are being celebrated all month - read more of Lainey's thoughts about it here on the National Wheat Foundation website.

2018 Farm Bill - Conferees met this past week with prepared statements, rather than consideration of legislative text. The four principals that have been mentioned previously - Senators Roberts and Stabenow, Representatives Conaway and Peterson, each were clear in their determination to complete the bill 'on time' prior to the September 30 deadline. Senate Majority Leader McConnell left no question about completing on time with his remarks. He said it will be "a bipartisan failure of extraordinary notice to farmers and ranchers."

2018 harvest prices - Harvest prices were announced by RMA for 2018 this past Thursday. If you had a spring wheat loss already paid, there'll be a revenue payment forthcoming. Here's the final numbers for our region. Remember, pulse crop discovery just began and prices will not be announced until next January.



Fall Canola

Fall Wheat

Spring Wheat

Harvest $





Projected $





2019 projected prices - Another down week for 2019 prices. We have five sessions remaining of the discovery period prices will not fluctuate significantly from where we are today; prices will continue to soften if markets are off, they'll hold steady with market strength.

Fall Barley

Fall Wheat

Spring Wheat




Automobile purchases - Your age is an indicator of what car brand you'll purchase according to this report.

Fall fertilizing - Should I stay or should I go...maybe this article will help with Fall Fertilizer Options

Illinois racketeering - please say it isn't so - Largest US auto insurer pays $250 million to avoid trial. Hmmm...

Markets - Russian rhetoric has certainly played havoc with the wheat market. One thing about history, it tells us what's happened and often repeated. The last time Boris and Natasha said they weren't curtailing exports, exports were curtailed. Today's market appears to no longer be based upon supply and demand fundamentals, rather what the computer believes to be the market. Wheat production is down globally - Black Sea region, Europe, Australia, to name some of the key exporting countries with reduced total quantity and correspondingly, less milling quality wheat available for export.

Stats Canada has indicated Canadians will produce less than 30 million metric tons, down more than 10% from last year and the smallest crop in three years. The Canadian canola crop is also down due to the same lack of moisture and heat that plague the prairies in August. To compound the canola yield production, is the mounting concern about the rapid spread of a soil-borne disease that's threatening to crimp yields.

USDA is scheduled to release their monthly report this coming Wednesday. Analysts are expecting no adjustments to corn and soybean yields; however, downward adjustments are anticipated on world wheat numbers to bring in line with estimates from other agencies. World wheat stocks/usage are at similar levels to that experienced in 2007.

Hay exports to China are down 19% for the same time period last year. Whereas exports to Saudi Arabia are up 39% year over year. Please keep in mind that the China market is more than double that of the Saudi market...the old adage that 50% of something is still better than 100% of nothing?!?

Market Facilitation Program (trade aid) - Signup period is now through January 15, 2019. In effect, you can expect to receive half (50%) of the payment initially; for wheat, $0.07 on 2018 bushels produced. In early December USDA will announce if any additional monies will be provided. Your local FSA office will facilitate and a link to assist.

Mutual respect and civility - Perhaps you've heard of the protester at last week's House Energy and Commerce hearing? If not, give yourself 2 mins and chuckle...

Weather - We can hope a hurricane goes astray and we get some rogue moisture. My goodness, it is dry. Short term forecast has nothing but more of the same in store for our region. As the current map indicates, drought conditions are griping the West tighter with each passing week. Mean while, August rains have reduced the severity of drought in the area of KS, MO, IA corridor...areas of the eastern corn belt have significant flooding.

Wolf permits - The OR department of fish and wildlife has approved a wolf kill permit in Wallowa county due to depredation of livestock, four kills since June. The wolf permit issued by the WA department was filled by a department sharpshooter from a helicopter, after the rancher had wounded the animal in self defense.

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