Don't Turn That Wheel Just Yet...

Don't Turn That Wheel Just Yet...

As spring field work begins, albeit slower than we'd like, don't forget the responsibility you have regarding replanting any failed wheat acres this spring - please turn in a notice of loss prior to turning a wheel or moving any dirt!

Multi-peril policy requires the company to make an inspection and approve any activity prior to said activity commencing. Let us know if you have any questions regarding this topic.

Des Moines Water Works - Several weeks ago we posted the Iowa Supreme Court ruling saying that there would not be any damages allowed in this case. This past Friday, Federal Judge Leonard Strand, dismissed all of Water Works’ claims against drainage districts determining that Iowa's water quality problems are an issue for the Iowa legislature to resolve. 

Family matters - During strong economic times, conflicts are the exception, not the norm. The likelihood of conflict and thin margins seem to parallel one another. Having experienced this firsthand with my family, witnessing similar with my in-laws and customers, I believe this to be sage advise - walk a mile in the other's shoes for their perspective...

Livestock - Cattle prices have enjoyed a nice price rally since February lows, especially for the packers. The recent news out of Brazil won't hurt US prices, given the strong domestic and international demand currently experiencing, exports up 20% in January from a year ago. The embargo lift of US beef by the Chinese a few months ago could loom very timely...

US Infrastructure - The river shutdown since early December, albeit late, is to be opened again for traffic any day. Along these lines is a story about our aging transportation system.

drought monitor 032117Weather - The latest US drought monitor released yesterday shows the widening areas of the southeast and southern plains, and intensifying in the southeastern US. Rain is forecast for the southern plains where moisture is desperately needed for the winter wheat crop.

5-day moisture accumulation forecast:  5 day moisture outlook

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It's what you learn after you know it all that counts...  ~John Wooden

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