2017 WSDA Nozzle Permit

2017 WSDA Nozzle Permit

Washington State Department of Ag issues nozzle permit that allow applicators to use newer technology in order to be exempt from current application pressure regulations when using newer technology to reduce chemical drift 

 Capture3Under the current WSDA rules during the application of restricted use pesticides the applicator is limited to a max pressure of 25 psi at the nozzle by ground and 35 psi by aircraft.  In January WSDA issued a permit that allows applicators to use newer technology to control drift and run higher pressures when applying restricted use pesticides. 

  • The applicator must have a copy of the permit in their possession while doing the application  Get your copy of the permit here
  • The applicator must document the type of equipment used in the application and possess the manufacturers documentation that the type of equipment being used is capable of producing a Course, Very Course or larger spray droplet size.
  • Documentation must be made available immediately on request of an authorized agent for the WSDA.

For more information about Washington State Department of Agriculture rules and regulations check out their website here




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